Choosing The Best Rig Wash

The oil field industry must constantly stay on top of equipment maintenance and cleaning oil drilling rigs via a good rig wash product is no exception. Typically, these are commercial grade or industrial grade chemicals that are normally not available to the public and can be substantially more expensive. Being how an oil rig is the back bone of any oil company, they all pretty much have to have a functioning rig that complies with environmental quality standards. However, having to use heavy duty rig wash degreasers doesn't mean that they can't also be environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Interested? Keep reading to learn more or scroll to the bottom of this page to see a product that has these features. A good biodegradable rig wash deagreaser is certainly a must for any oil company looking for a way to get rid of oil and grease without contaminating the environment. The rig cleaning crews must always take precautions when using ANY cleaning supplies, even having a non regulated rig wash degreaser they can use to pressure wash a rig clean, while being safer than a more caustic and regulated product, protective masks and goggles must still be used. You'll want to find a product that is cost effective, resource friendly, safe and is easy for your employees to effectively utilize. Such a product is ForceClean Rig Wash or ForceSolve Frac Tank Degreaser by ForceChemTech.

ForceClean Rig Wash Degreaser


How To Choose The Best Rig Wash Degreaser

First off, when choosing a product, if you are purchasing a environmentally friendly product you won't have to deal with storing and or disposing of hazardous materials. Storing and disposing of hazardous materials is essential and at the same time, very costly to a company when it comes to disposal. Therefore, having a product with minimal disposal requirements reduces cost and work load on your employees. Or, if you are running a rig cleaner service and having to manage the products yourself, this again is a time and money saver. Also, you should take heed if the soap you are choosing is caustic or not. Caustic cleaners will take extra care and handling to ensure worker safety. If you are looking to be a distributor of a chemical cleaning product, something that is non regulated is often times easier to sell than a product that can be a safety hazard. Also, non regulated product generally cost less to ship and handle.

Read The MSDS Of The Product That You Are Considering

Good chemical detergents should have or be accompanied by material data safety sheet (also known as an MSDS) and often can be found online in pdf format.